The write concept was developed through a project funded by The Danish Agency for Competence Development in the State Sector carried out in 2014-2016.
48 researchers at all stages of their careers participated in 10 workshop days and we experienced that academics can gain both efficiency and more passion in writing by implementing basic writing approaches and tools.

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The experiences were developed into the write concept illustrated in the image. It comprises 4 fundamental requirements and 6 basic tools that together foster good writing practice. The project and concept is reported in a Danish report that you can download here.
Pdf - Write Concept report (in Danish)

Fundamental requirements

  • Physical and mental strength - writing is not only a cognitive activity. Walking, yoga, exercise, meditation, sleep and healthy food support concentration and endurance.

  • Find your passion – if the why is clear it motivates. By keeping focus on things that you are passionate about (music, sports, clouds, art…) it can inspire you to become more passionate about your writing

  • Conquer time and space – time must never work as an excuse for not writing. Our philosophy is that there is not one way to organize time and space for writing. Each writer must find a unique way, but we provide an array of ideas and tools to help you develop your own writing strategy.

  • Write together – either on your own text or on collaborative products. There is so much power to be found in sharing experiences, working in a shared space or directly writing articles together.

Writing Tools

We identified the 6 following tools that together can help you establish efficient writing habits:

  • Writing goals
  • Storytelling
  • Speedwriting
  • Writing snacks
  • Rhetorical reading
  • Phases of writing – critical and creative

The tools are introduced and practiced at the Boot Camps and workshops.