"I signed up because my bad writing habits had ended up as lack of self-confidence according to writing.When I left the writing boot camp three days later, I was happy. I smiled and was full of energy. The writing boot camp had killed my bad writing habits."
Mai Brink Rasmussen, PhD student

Productive Writing - 4 day course

At this 4-day course a 3-day Writing Boot Camp is followed up by reflection papers and sparring to promote the implementation of productive writing practices.

Finish up an article or start writing your thesis

The PhD Writing Boot Camp is not only a writing course where you ‘learn to write’. It is an intensive writing event where you actually write. When you return from the Boot Camp you are one step closer to finishing your PhD than when you came.

This event could be a chance to finish up an article, start writing your thesis or getting to grips with a difficult writing task. Or simply just a kick-start the semester.

By participating in the Writing Boot Camp you get:

  • Writing tools that make your writing much more efficient

  • The chance to focus solely on your writing for 3 entire days

  • Pleasurable surroundings that promote a good writing process

  • Coaching sessions on demand if you run into blocks

  • To meet other researchers and exchange experiences about writing

  • Get (back) your passion for writing

To be an efficient writer is about understanding your own writing process and taking control over it. The most common challenges are procrastination, managing your energy, keeping up self-confidence and organising your writing in an efficient way.

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During the Boot Camp you will learn a number of efficient tools that we will practice again and again during the workshop. Together we will have 15 hours of intensive writing and we promise that you will be surprised about how much work you can do in this time span. We will also focus on keeping energy up, by using both physical and mental methods, which can easily be implemented in your daily writing practice.

On day 3 you have the opportunity to make a writing plan for the next month. You will be challenged on whether or not it is realistic and we will work with ‘writing snacks’ as a way of becoming a writer on a daily basis.